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How do I sell on Videdressing?

  • Create your profile

    Become a member of our
    community in just a few clicks.

  • Take a photo

    Take some photos of your clothes, bags, or shoes,
    add some info and you're ready to go!

  • Sell your item

    Your item is ready to find
    a new owner.

List an item for sale for free

Simple and efficient

List your items for sale for free.
You will collect maximum profits thanks
to our fixed and transparent commission
of only 15% between €3 and €300 per item sold.

Sell your items all over
the world in complete trust

Bid goodbye to nasty surprises and bad payers.
We promise guaranteed and secure payment.

Secure payment
The fight against counterfeiting

Our commitment
to fight counterfeiting

100% of our luxury and high-end goods are inspected by
our legal team, dedicated to the fight against counterfeiting.
Be assured that your designer items are in the company
of authentic pieces.

Items for sale visibility

High visibility
for your items

Your items are seen by millions
of visitors every month
all over the world.
Each week, our Style team highlights
items on the site for on-trend
selections and fashion editorials.

Do you like the website features?
Videdressing simplifies the process of buying and selling
between fashion lovers.

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  • Luxury Certification
  • Money Back Guarantee
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  • Guaranteed
    and secure payment
  • Unlimited free listings
  • Dedicated
    Customer Care
  • Commission of 15%
    between €3 and €300
How does it work? Our advice for taking photos

If you are looking for a simple and effective solution for selling your clothes on-line, Videdressing is the preferred site of fashion lovers who want to recycle their wardrobe and find designer it-pieces at irresistible prices. An international community of fashion lovers meet to buy and sell their designer clothes and fashion accessories on-line. Selling designer clothes has never been so easy and secure.